Definition of Issuer: Purpose, Types, Terms, and Duties

The term “issuer” is commonly used in the finance and capital markets worlds. This word refers to a commercial or public sector component that has a significant impact on society in order to raise additional cash or funds. In general, the phrase refers to companies that trade on the stock …

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Understanding Management Trainees and their 16 Duties

What is the meaning of management trainee ? Management trainees  or what is often referred to as MT are indeed familiar to the ears. However, maybe there are still people who ask about the meaning of  management trainee . In addition, many also do not know the duties of  management trainees . Many  fresh graduates  choose to enter the world of MT. This …

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Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Their Functions

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators – Management and assessment are critical functions that allow the organization’s work plans to be correctly implemented and the organization’s ultimate goals to be met. For proper control and evaluation tasks, a good performance management system is essential. A strong performance management system should be able to …

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