Understanding Public Relations: Tasks, Challenges, Goals and Techniques

Understanding Public Relations – Do any of you aspire to become a public relations or public relations officer? If we talk about PR or Public Relations, the question will certainly arise in our minds about what is public relations? The public relations profession is one of the professions that is currently in great demand. Besides looking cool, this one profession is also very promising and also challenging. Along with the emergence of various public relations companies or corporate consulting, this profession is becoming increasingly known because of its increasingly popular functions and benefits.

Nowadays, having public relations is an obligation of modern companies related to the wider community. This profession is indeed widely cultivated by various educational backgrounds. However, usually those who become public relations come from communication and marketing education. Then, what exactly is public relations? For more details, see the complete information below.

Public Relations

A. Understanding Public Relations

Many understandings explain that public relations or public relations is a process of interaction between organizations and the community in creating public opinion, providing perceptions, instilling understanding, growing motivation, and creating public participation. This process has a goal, namely for mutual benefit, instilling good will, so that a good image appears from the public towards the company.

Another definition of public relations is as a continuous and deliberate effort to build and maintain mutual understanding between the company and society in general.

Coulsin-Thomas gives his opinion about public relations as a planned process or activity that has the aim of establishing communication between the company and outsiders. Where outside parties can be interpreted as the community or other parties who have relationships with related companies.

Another understanding states that public relations is an interaction and effort to create public opinion as an input for both parties. Public relations is a professional profession in the field of communication and has a duty to encourage the realization of organizational goals in a planned and continuous manner.

Even a public relations expert named Maria said that public relations is the survival of an organization or company. There are quite a lot of communication experts, especially in the field of public relations, with various opinions and thoughts on public relations. Marston also gives an opinion about public relations as a plan that uses persuasive communication with the aim of influencing the public.

Alma also presented a similar approach. He said that public relations is a communication activity aimed at building the good image of a company or organization. From the explanation above, you can already imagine what kind of public relations job is like? Public relations is a liaison between companies or organizations with the public. So the profession is often referred to as public relations which stands for public relations.

B. Public Relations Tasks

After knowing what public relations is, now is the time to discuss the various tasks that must be carried out by a public relations officer. What do you think a public relations officer does? Will this profession interact directly with the community?

So, the public relations profession sometimes has to interact with the public directly. Get close and interact, make a positive impression, and build good relationships. However, in this era of communication 4.0, the public relations profession must sometimes be behind the scenes and present to the public through ideas facilitated by technology. Many public relations programs are specifically designed to build virtual interactions.

But basically, public relations are brand ambassadors or ambassadors of a company whose job is to introduce the company’s brand to the general public. Usually public relations tasks will be related to:

1. Write press releases that promote certain products or news related to the company where they work.

2. Maintain good relations with journalists and provide information about the company or brand.

3. Manage good relations with clients and ensure that clients understand the publicity.

4. Generate reports on the results of campaigns conducted by public relations and optimize based on existing metrics.

5. Plan programs for company development to maintain public and shareholder perceptions in order to remain profitable for the company.

6. Updating and populating web content.

7. Study the goals of the organization, the need to build public opinion in promoting products, promotion policies, and so on.

8. Discuss with managers to identify community interests and trends and then provide advice on business decisions.

C. Public Relations Challenge

Every job has its own challenges. Likewise with the work in the field of public relations. Generally, the challenges involved in this type of work are related to the business and the company. As we know that news is currently running very fast. Especially with the online news sites that are already booming. Public relations must of course follow news trends carefully and take advantage of the news when it appears. Then send the news to journalists. Therefore, a public relations officer is also required to be able to think quickly.

But unfortunately, sometimes other challenges arise when we can’t control the news. Although clarifications have been repeatedly sent to the media.

Skills Required by Public Relations

If you look at the definitions, duties, responsibilities, and challenges of public relations, it is not surprising that the skills or expertise needed by public relations are quite diverse, including:

1. Communication

Communication is a skill that is very essential and must be possessed by someone who works as a public relation. Therefore, a public relations officer must be great at verbal communication, which includes presentations, interviews, and also public speaking. Not only that, public relations must also be agile in non-verbal communication. Starting from being able to make press releases, writing on the company’s web, editing, and also grammar.

2. Research

Public relations specialists work with clients of all kinds of needs. So they must be able to do research related to client needs quickly and accurately. It is not surprising that a public relations officer must be able to do various research on inductive, deductive reasoning, library research, interviews, and browsing.

3. Able to think and speak foreign languages

Business globalization has forced a public relations officer to be able to master many languages. This is because public relations clients may also come from abroad or they may work in multinational companies with cultural and linguistic diversity in them. So, to make a company business strategy, of course we have to understand their communication. In addition, currently many research materials come from abroad. So do not be surprised if language skills become very important.

4. Understand Social Media

The next skill that becomes one of the added values ​​of public relations is being familiar with various social media platforms that exist today. Even if necessary, it must also be accompanied by analytical knowledge of the social media. As we know that there are many types of social media that exist. Starting from Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, and so on.

Meanwhile, other skills that are also important to be mastered by public relations are creative thinking, problem solving, easy to get along with, and have good time management. Because it will often be faced with a deadline. So, after knowing the ins and outs of the public relations profession, then we will also know what their duties and obligations are.

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