Personal Selling: Definition, Approach, Characteristics, Goals, Process, and More

Personal Selling Is – In the business world, marketing and sales activities with certain techniques can affect the profits to be obtained. Through a good strategy in marketing activities, of course, it can increase the number of sales as well as profits. All parties related to the business will always think of various ways, techniques, to what strategies are suitable to increase their sales and profits.

However, not all of these methods, techniques, and strategies can affect the level of sales, because they may not be compatible with matters related to the business. Even so, if Grameds is a businessman, have you ever applied the personal selling method? If you haven’t, it’s better to read the following reviews which you know you can use for your business interests.

What is Personal Selling?

According to Henry Simamora , personal selling is delivery orally or more similar to a conversation between one or more potential customers and sellers. This is done so that potential consumers want to make the process of selling or buying the product being offered.

Meanwhile, according to Pride and Ferrell , personal selling is a form of communication that is made personally, in the form of providing information and persuading consumers to buy the products offered.

Personal Selling

Then, according to Tjiptono , who argues almost the same as before, suggests that personal selling is a form of communication that is carried out directly or face to face between sellers and potential consumers. It aims to introduce the product as well as provide an understanding to consumers of a product being offered, so that they want to buy it.

Well, based on some of these opinions, it can be concluded that personal selling is a persuasive two-way communication effort (inviting) between sellers and consumers to introduce a product so that potential consumers want to make buying and selling transactions.

In order to form consumer understanding of a product being offered, the seller or sales-person must try to convince consumers regarding the quality or quality of their products when compared to competing products.

Is there a certain approach in personal selling?

In personal selling activities , of course, has a certain approach. According to Kotler (2009), this approach to personal selling activities will generally be determined by the characteristics of the product to be offered by the salesperson (plural of salesperson or salesperson).

Well, here are two approaches that can be taken in personal selling activities.

1. Sales-Oriented Approach

The first approach taken by salespeople in forming consumer understanding of their products is the Sales-Oriented Approach. The approach is in the form of an assumption that customers or consumers will not buy their products, unless they are under pressure that they will be influenced by sophisticated presentations. So it can be concluded that in this approach, a salesperson must make an attractive presentation so that the offer of his product is accepted by consumers.

2. Customer-Oriented Approach

The second approach is the Customer-Oriented Approach which focuses on efforts to solve consumer problems related to their products. In this case, a salesperson must have the ability to participate in analyzing the needs and problems of consumers or customers.

What are the characteristics of personal selling?

This personal selling activity has certain characteristics that distinguish it from other marketing techniques, namely:

1. Direct Relationship Personal Confrontation

Previously, it has been explained that in this personal selling activity there will be a direct relationship or communication between the seller and the buyer. Well, in the relationship or communication, it causes both parties to observe each other regarding the nature, needs, and unconsciously they will make adjustments.

2. Close Cultivation

This personal selling activity tends to form a closer relationship between salespeople and buyers. This is because the salesperson as the seller is required to use his expertise, especially in praising the buyer, so that it can generate sympathy for the buyer in the long term.

3. There is a Response (Response)

Personal selling activities without realizing it make buyers or consumers feel obligated to listen to the conversations and explanations given by the salesperson, even though later the reaction given is only a “thank you” statement.

What is the Purpose of Personal Selling?

Broadly speaking, this personal selling activity aims to introduce and attract potential consumers to buy the products that have been introduced. Well, here is a description of the purpose of personal selling activities, including:

  • Get new customers for the product being offered.
  • Maintaining the loyalty of existing customers by trying to provide the best service.
  • Complete sales for the future by communicating product information to customers.
  • Get market information.

This market information will later relate to broader marketing objectives, but it can also be used to maintain and increase sales to current and future customers.

What are the Forms of Personal Selling?

Since personal selling is a marketing technique that seeks direct two-way communication, so that in general the forms are as follows:

1. Field Selling

Namely, the sales assistant will visit potential customers from house to house or from company to company to introduce and attract potential consumers to buy their products.

2. Retail Selling

Namely, the sales clerk will introduce their products by serving consumers who come directly to the company.

3. Executive Selling

Namely, the relationship between company leaders or the government in order to introduce and attract potential consumers to the products they offer.

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