Definition of Promotion : Understanding of Experts, Types, and Examples

Definition of Promotion – We all hear the term “promotion” on a daily basis, especially for those of you who work in the marketing profession. In Indonesian, promotion is generally referred to as promotion.

So, in this post, we’ll go over the definition of promotion in detail. Furthermore, there will be an explanation of the goal, kinds, and examples. Let’s explore what else there is to see!

A. Getting a General Understanding of Promotion

In the world of work, promotion or advancement can be defined as a tie to an employee’s rank or position inside the company’s organizational structure. The objective of binding the rank might also be regarded as a promotion, and the term promotion is frequently used.


In the world of marketing, however, promotion or promotion has a different meaning. Promotion may be defined as an action carried out in order to accelerate the growth of something in the marketing industry. Marketing advancements differ from job advancements in that marketing focuses on the development of brands, products, or the organization itself.

We will explicitly explore what the genuine definition of promotion in the field of marketing is in this post. Recently, one of the most significant ways for someone to develop their product or company has been through promotion.

So, in the field of marketing, promotion or promotion is a communication action carried out by a person or corporation to the general public. The goal of this promotion is to introduce a brand, product, or company to the general public and persuade them to utilize or purchase the product or service.

Prior to the recent campaign, marketing was a highly frequent activity for marketers to engage in when it came to disseminating information about a product or service. Of course, the goal of promotion remains the same: to persuade or persuade potential customers to purchase the company’s goods or services.

All activities that are directly or indirectly related will almost always include multiple forms of marketing, such as commercials, discounts, or t-shirts with the company’s logo.

For example, it is well known in Area A that there is a shoe store that promotes on social media. The shoe shop advertises exceptional pricing for styles of shoes with well-known brands in social media marketing. Not only that, but shoe companies also advertise that purchases may be done at any time and from any location, a practice known as online buying and selling.

Actually, there are numerous ways to carry out marketing, and the methods and media for doing so are always evolving. Print media, billboards, radio, and television are examples of traditional promotional media that are still frequently employed. With most human activities taking place on smartphones, it’s possible that internet-based advertisements may become more common.

B. Promotion’s Definition Experts claim that

Following the explanation of promotion, we shall understand what promotion genuinely implies according to specialists in this part. Here are several professional viewpoints on the meaning of promotion or promotion, which include:

1. Harper Boyd

According to Harper Boyd, promotion or promotion is an effort made to persuade or influence someone to adopt a product, concept, or idea.

2. Basu Swastha Dharmesta

According to Basu Swastha Dharmesta, promotion is an action carried out in one direction with the goal of influencing other parties to establish a marketing exchange.

3. David L. Kurtz and Louis E. Boone

According to Louis E. Boone and David L. Kurtz, promotion is an attempt to persuade, offer information, and influence purchasing decisions.

4. Fandy Tjiptono

Furthermore, according to Fandy Tjiptono, promotion is a type of marketing communication used to share information, influence, convince, or expand a company’s target market. The goal of the promotion, according to Tjiptono, is to get people to accept, buy, and be loyal to the company’s products.

5. Philip Kotler

Following that, Philip Kotler explained that promotion is both a part of and a marketing strategy method for forming communication with the market through the marketing mix’s composition.

6. Gitosudarmo Indriyo

Finally, Indriyo Gitosudarmo defines promotion as an action carried out by particular parties to influence potential consumers so that they can learn about the products offered and become happy and willing to purchase them.

C. The promotion’s goal is to

Following the general understanding and experts, we will address the purpose of promotion in this section. Of course, each party involved in promotional activities has a goal or achievement in mind. Well, based on the previously mentioned definition of promotion, the following are some of the promotional objectives that must be understood:

1. Make as much information about a product available to potential customers as possible.

2. Attract and retain new customers, as well as maintain existing customers’ loyalty.

3. Assist in increasing sales and earnings for the company.

4. Improve quality while also differentiating a product from competitors’ products.

5. Develop a brand’s branding and product image in the eyes of consumers.

6. Persuade customers to change their minds about a product.

As a result, we may deduce that the primary goal of promotion is to boost sales and profits by reaching out to the right potential customers.

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