Definition of Colleagues and Examples of Proper Use

What is the meaning of colleague and what is the proper use of the term? In recent times, more and more people are often using words or terms that are rarely heard.

Moreover, in the digital era like now, words or terms that were originally only often used in a particular field, can now develop quickly and widely to be used in other fields. For example, colleagues.

For some people who are accustomed to activities in an office environment, they may be familiar with the word or term colleague. However, for some people who are not familiar with the world of today’s offices, they may not be familiar with the word.

Recently, the word or term colleague has been used by Indonesian netizens on various platforms, both in the real world and in cyberspace, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to chat-based applications, namely Line, BBM, WhatsApp and so on.

But what is the meaning of a colleague himself? Well, the more you understand the meaning of the word, the more you can understand and be wiser in using a word. In addition, increasing understanding of vocabulary and word meaning will also make it easier and faster for you to access information.


A. Definition of Colleagues According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary

The following is the meaning and explanation and understanding of colleagues according to the Big Indonesian Language Dictionary or KBBI 5th edition:

Based on the Fifth Edition of the Big Indonesian Dictionary, the definition of a colleague or [n] is a colleague or a colleague at work.

B. Definition of Colleagues According to Etymology

Meanwhile, almost similar to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, according to, the word colleague has the meaning as a colleague in the office, work, to the workforce.

Around the 16th century, the word colleague was first used in French, precisely in the 1530s with the word Collegue. This word comes from the Latin collega which means friend in the office.

The word colleague is actually an assimilated form of the word com-, which can be interpreted as “with, together”. Then, com- is added to the word leg-.

This combination of words is commonly used to provide instructions for work, for example to send with representatives, send with commissions, and so on.

Furthermore, based on the root word or PIE, the word leg- has the meaning as “to collect, gather” or can be interpreted as collecting. Since long ago, the word colleague is commonly used by leaders to send one colleague to someone. This word can also be used by the leader to choose a colleague to his friend.

C. Use of the word colleague

In its current development, the word colleague is not only used for work or office environments. This word is also not limited to being used for a leader ordering his workers. Nowadays, the word colleague can be used to address a friend or acknowledge a friend.

For example, Adi is a food and beverage entrepreneur, it means that all food and beverage business actors around Adi can be referred to as Adi’s colleagues.

In addition, for those of you who are students of a school, all students in your school can be called colleagues.

Conceptually, colleagues have developed and can be grouped into two groups, namely internal and external colleagues.

1. Internal Colleagues

Internal colleagues can be understood as colleagues or coworkers. Colleagues here have the meaning as a friend who you know and have a job in the same profession as you. Simply put, internal colleagues are friends at work and have the potential to generate collaboration.

For example, you are an employee at a pharmaceutical company. So, your friend who works at the pharmaceutical company is an internal colleague. The meaning of the word internal itself is because you and your colleagues are in the same company.

2. External Colleagues

Meanwhile, an external colleague can be defined as someone who is a colleague of the same profession, but he or she works outside the company or workplace. This practice of external colleagues usually arises for someone who has frequent contact with outside the company, such as public relations.

For example, you are a salesperson in a building, where you are actually an employee of an international company.

Your friend who works as a sales person but works in another company can be considered as an external colleague. The word external itself means colleagues who come from outside the company or workplace.

For those of you who know a lot of vocabulary, it will be easier for you to communicate or convey an opinion from friends to work.

This is the true explanation or understanding of colleagues. There are many ways to find the true meaning of words, either by using the Big Indonesian Dictionary or online etymology websites on the internet.

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