Copywriting: Definition, Examples, Until the Making Technique

In digital marketing, we often hear the term copywriting . The role of copywriting is vital. Copywriting is the spearhead in digital marketing. However, what is copywriting ?

Maybe you often realize that articles or writings in the form of invitations in advertisements for selling goods or services are not made haphazardly. The call-to-actions are made by those who specialize in marketing writing. They are copywriters or often the authors are called copywriters . The job of copywriting is to be a liaison between sellers or advertisers with buyers or consumers through the media of writing, audio, images, videos, or other types of content.

Definition of Copywriting

Copywriting (Indonesian: advertising script) is a manuscript written by an advertising script writer and distributed for commercial purposes. For example, scripts for television advertisements, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, banners, and so on. Advertising script writers are commonly called copywriters , while the script or text is called copy or copywriting.

In practice, advertisement scripts are not only in the form of conventional advertisements or categorized above the line (such as television, radio, or print media advertisements), but also any promotional text required by the industry. For example, website text, calendars, brochures, company or product slogans ( tagline ), sales letters ( sales letters ), press releases ( press releases ), direct mail , newsletters ( newsletter ), and much more.

Quoted from the American Writers and Artist Institute (AWAI) page, copywriting is the process of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that motivate people to take several forms of action, such as making a purchase, clicking on a link, donating, soliciting, to influencing people to contact sales.

Copywriting materials may include written promotions published in print or online. They can also include spoken material, such as scripts used for videos or advertisements. You may not realize it, but copywriting is literally everywhere, and even if you’re just starting out by looking at your mailbox, you’ll find some clear examples of copywriting .


Copywriting Example

Copywriting is a method of producing material, usually in the form of writing, to persuade potential consumers to buy or wear the advertised goods or suits. The content of the article can be in the form of invitations, product explanations, subscription information, invitations to contact sales sales, promo information, and so on.

At first, copywriting was only used in making articles such as advertorials, sales letters, billboards , and also marketing media in other written forms. That’s why, this marketing technique is called copywriting . However, in this era of digital and online technology, copywriting is considered an important thing in marketing.

Besides being able to be written in writing, the current copywriting method can also be applied in making a video script or podcast . In addition, copywriting skills can also be applied in various marketing media, such as text on landing pages , blog articles, social media posts, headlines and meta descriptions , paid ads on Google or social media, titles to YouTube video descriptions . Television commercials, product reviews on YouTube , and short videos on how to use a product are examples of oral copywriting .

Types of Copyrwriting

1. Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriting is a form of written content that directs people to click on a page on a website.

2. Marketing Copywriting

Marketing copywriting is a form of content that conveys sales information to convince consumers in the form of an explanation of the functions and benefits of the product.

3. Brand Copywriting

Brand copywriting is a type of copywriting that focuses on conveying the image and identity of a brand.

4. SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is copywriting that focuses on appearing in search engines, which is when potential customers often have to open search engines to find out information before buying a product.

5. Technical Copywriting

This type of copywriting focuses more on providing in-depth knowledge of how a product or service works. Generally, this type of copywriting is used on beauty products, technology, or health products.

Who Makes Use of Copywriting?

Almost every firm relies on copywriting to succeed. A corporation or company will not be able to share their message with potential customers to increase their market without the help of a copywriter. Companies, government entities, manufacturers, retailers, and non-profit organizations all fall within this category. Copywriters and their copywriting products are required by all of them.

Take, for example, Apple Inc. You can discover product descriptions on their website, such as this one for the current MacBook Air series. Copywriters are advertisements that can be found in newspapers. The product description on Apple’s official page was written by a copywriter, and you can see a link to the product video there as well.

Guess who wrote the video’s script? A copywriter, as you would have guessed. And if you continue down, you’ll find this description for the laptop’s special security chip. It is also created by a copywriter.

For decades, copywriting has been studied and regarded as a significant component of marketing. However, copywriting has a longer history. When bartering with potential consumers on the streets of ancient Rome, merchants undoubtedly needed to utilize persuasion.

How to Write Attractive Copywriting in 3 Easy Steps!

Right now, you’re probably curious about how to create engaging copywriting. It’s simple; just follow these six stages when learning copywriting:

  • Learn everything there is to know about your product or service.
  • Recognize the audience’s requirements.
  • Create an eye-catching headline.
  • With interesting leads, you can back up your headlines.
  • Make high-quality copy.
  • Persuasion is the final step.

Let’s have a look at the full explanation!

1. Educate yourself about your product or service.

You won’t be able to effectively advertise items, services, or content if you don’t understand them. This is why understanding products is such a vital component of copywriting. This isn’t limited to copywriters employed by businesses. This is vital to remember even for those of you who market your own personal business. Unless you make the goods yourself.

Now that you know what you’re selling, it’s a good idea to write down what you’ve learned in the form of a description. This is done so that you can refer to it later on in the writing process. Try asking yourself these three questions to make product descriptions easier for you:

What distinguishes this product from others?

What distinguishes them?

What are the advantages of these features for customers?

Now, based on the three questions above, we’ll explain what you need to write.

a. What Makes the Product Stand Out?

Every product (and service) should, in theory, have a unique selling point, or USP. That is, the product has a distinct feature that distinguishes it from its competitors. For instance, suppose you want to sell herbal facial soap. Despite the fact that there are many other herbal facial soap companies, your products are completely devoid of animal additives. This is a feature that can be used as a USP.

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