Understanding Blockchain: History, Principles and How It Works


Understanding Blockchain – Is Grameds familiar with blockchain technology? Grameds, particularly those in the IT/IT industry (short for Information and Technology/Information Technology), are undoubtedly aware with the word blockchain, right? There is one surprising fact: it turns out that blockchain technology is highly popular in Indonesia. It turns out that …

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Understanding Hotels, Types and Characteristics


What does the word “hotel” signify, and what are its characteristics? The hotel is a familiar sight in the neighborhood. Some people can consider the hotel to be their second home. Especially for individuals who frequently travel out of town. But what does it signify and what are its characteristics? …

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Preloved Meaning: Purpose, Benefits, Differences with Used Goods

Preloved Meaning

Preloved Meaning – Recently, many young people are in the preloved business. This preloved business itself is considered very suitable for young people who like goods with well-known brands, both in Indonesia and internationally. In addition, preloved can be said as a business that has good prospects in the future. As a promising …

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Definition of Colleagues and Examples of Proper Use


What is the meaning of colleague and what is the proper use of the term? In recent times, more and more people are often using words or terms that are rarely heard. Moreover, in the digital era like now, words or terms that were originally only often used in a particular …

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Copywriting: Definition, Examples, Until the Making Technique


In digital marketing, we often hear the term copywriting . The role of copywriting is vital. Copywriting is the spearhead in digital marketing. However, what is copywriting ? Maybe you often realize that articles or writings in the form of invitations in advertisements for selling goods or services are not made haphazardly. The call-to-actions are made by those who specialize in …

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